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Comprehensive Family Healthcare in Olive Branch, MS

No matter what type of healthcare you or your family needs, you’re likely to find it at OBFMC. Comprehensive family healthcare includes care and treatment for a wide variety of conditions, illnesses and injuries that can happen to children, adults and seniors of all ages and all walks of life. We focus on pediatrics, adult care and senior care. Some of our most popular services include:


We have all the infant, preschool, grade school and college immunizations. We can also provide tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, pneumonia and flu injections.

Minor Surgery

Our clinic setting is much more convenient and friendly for someone who needs minor surgery. Our providers are highly skilled and our appointments are flexible for your needs. Dr. Huling has had many years of experience in male sterilization (vasectomy). We can evaluate, biopsy and remove simple skin lesions and other superficial abnormalities in the office. We have a fully equipped trauma room where we provide excellent care for minor emergencies such as lacerations and fractures.

Well-Woman Exams

Yearly cancer screening is vital for adult women of all ages. Even women who have had a hysterectomy and still have their ovaries should be screened for vaginal and cervical cancer periodically. Our providers use the most advanced tests available for screening.

Pulmonary Function Testing

The amount of oxygen in your lungs can be measured by a simple test procedure. The procedure can detect obstructions, lung damage from smoking, heart conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The test takes only minutes and generates a report immediately. The results also help our doctors determine the right medication for your condition.


One of the most common reasons for pediatric doctor visits is an ear infection. The most common symptoms are earaches and fever. Our newest test helps us detect fluid behind the ear, infection and hearing impairment. It is simple, painless and quick, and it provides immediate results. Adults can also benefit from this test. We can determine if the dizziness or vertigo you are experiencing is related to fluid behind the ear or something more serious.


When your family needs medical care you can trust, call Olive Branch Family Medical Center in Olive Branch, MS at 662.895.4949. Or simply take advantage of our convenient Patient Portal. 

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Patient Reviews

I experience top quality service every time I visit the clinic. Currently I have to go once a week for allergy shots and the front desk staff is always friendly and personable. There is a family atmosphere that I have never felt before. Shelby, who performs my allergy injection, feels like family. I appreciate the staff at the facility and my provider. I made the right choice choosing this medical clinic.

9075 Sandidge Center Cove, Olive Branch, MS 38654

Olive Branch Family Medical Center offers comprehensive primary care, including preventive care, pediatrics, adult care and senior care for the whole family. Our medical director is Randall T. Huling, MD. Our family practice is located at 9075 Sandidge Center Cove in Olive Branch, MS 38654. The phone number is 662.895.4949 and the fax number is 662.895.6776.

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