Gout Study EURELIA 1

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What is the EURELIA 1 Study?


The EURELIA 1 Study is designed to evaluate an investigational drug, called tigulixostat, to see whether it can help people with gout and high uric acid levels. Three different doses of tigulixostat taken once a day for 6 months will be compared with placebo. A placebo looks exactly like tigulixostat but contains no active medication.


Why is the EURELIA 1 Study being carried out?


Gout is caused by a high level of uric acid in the blood, which builds up over time. Uric acid is produced when the body digests foods that contain a high level of a chemical called purine; purines can be found in certain types of meat, seafood and alcohol. Normally, this uric acid is then passed through the urine. However, in people with gout, uric acid is not eliminated correctly and builds up in joints, causing very small crystals of uric acid to form; these are called urate crystals. When urate crystals dissolve, it can trigger a painful gout flare-up.


Primary Study Coordinator: Catie
e-mail: cpulliam@obfmc.com
Phone: (662) 893-8490

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